On November 26 – 28, 2016, a group of students from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) along with Mr. Arifin Abdurrahman, the chief of UiTM rescue team, visited Aceh. During those three days visitation, the students, in collaboration with Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) and Indonesian Red Cross Voluntary Corps Students (KSR PMI) Syiah Kuala University, conducted some activities with the theme ‚ÄúReadiness for Self and Family Safety”. All the activities were facilitated by Office of International Affairs (OIA) Syiah Kuala University.

The UiTM students started the program by visiting BEM with a purpose to introduce and share information. The forum, which was also attended by students from Malikul Saleh University, was led by Drs. Muhammad Nasir, the Chairman of Students and Alumni Bureau. He explained mostly about university academic system and student activities at Syiah Kuala University. The students further visited KSR PMI Syiah Kuala University to have a discussion and technical meeting about first aid socialization that would be held at an orphanage on the following day together. The first day of activity was ended by sightseeing around the university, guided by volunteers of OIA and BEM.

On the next day, the students together with KSR PMI, visited Darul Hikmah orphanage, which located at Kajhu, Aceh Besar, to give a socialization about first aid. The session began with teaching the orphans about first aid theory on how to wrap wounds properly, the orphans then practiced it directly after the theory session. After the first socialization finished, they moved to the second orphanage, Yayasan Penyantun Islam Aceh, to give the same socialization. Besides, they also played some educational games with the kids.

On the last day of the visitation, the students, accompanied by BEM and OIA volunteers, paid a visit to Meunasah Kulam Village, Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar, including the kindergarten, housing, and the local mosque to see the conditions there after tsunami disaster. Before leaving the village, the students gave some donations for the mosque. All the activities at the village were guided by Secretary of village.

Having a discussion and sharing session with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) chapter Aceh became their next agenda. They spent the rest of the day by visiting some Tsunami sites; Tsunami Museum and Boat on rooftop and ended the day by shopping some souvenirs at souvenirs shop. They closed the last day of their visitation to Aceh with a farewell dinner with OIA volunteers, BEM, and KSR PMI Syiah Kuala University.