Students from University of Nations, Korea, visited Office of International Affairs (OIA) of Syiah Kuala University on November 8h – 9th 2016. They intended to hold activities include learning cross culture between Korea and Indonesia through Food. The activities were participated by OIA Staffs and volunteers.

On day one, students accompanied by Mrs. Kim, taught OIA officers and volunteers on how to prepare Korean cuisine called Kimbab, and she led the cooking demo by herself. She said that Kimbab is the most chosen meal to be brought and easy to be done. However, in preparing Kimbab, some special skills are needed, thus, not all Korean are able to prepare it. Then, all participants were watching Korean movie together while having the Kimbab.

On the second day, staffs, volunteers, and the Korean students were attempting to make Indonesian food, called “Lontong Pecal”. The foreign students learned eagerly how to prepare this meal. Lontong Pecal was served for lunch while the students and volunteers were having an informal discussion regarding culinary from each country. Moreover, the students from Korea performed their Traditional Music, called Samulnori. Samulnori is a Tradisional Music from Korea consists with four instruments. After the performance, the students taught volunteers how to play Samulnori. The last activity was conducted, playing classic games from Korea called Yut Nori and Gongginori.