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Seba Al-Gunaid is an International student of Universitas Syiah Kuala who comes from Yemen. She studies at the Faculty of Medicine since 2018. She was interested to study at Universitas Syiah Kuala after staying for one year in Jakarta, then she found Aceh as a comfortable place to stay and study. Moreover, at that time, the university was currently open the registration for international students to study in Aceh, so she took the chance immediately.


In the beginning, she enjoyed studying and living, she adapted to the new environment and campus with fast and met new friends. But unfortunately, the covid-10 pandemic changed the way she learns and lives, now she attends classes and discussions all through online.  


“I enjoyed my study and living as a student. I attended the classes I selected online, attended laboratory and practice classes, took paper-based and non-paper based exams, held study group, and finished tasks together with friends. These all routines happened before covid-19 pandemic. Now, the Indonesia government decided societies to do lockdown and quarantine to prevent the transmission of the virus. Immediately, the rector of the Universitas Syiah Kuala also asked the same, and lecturers and students should change the way of learning, which is online learning, stay at home, and keep healthy”.


She added, during this pandemic, fortunately the university supports international students’ living by distributing daily foods and medical aids to prevent the virus of covid-19.


She also added this kind of “new” environment happened in Yemen as well, the government now put a serious concern on the healthy cases to avoid the coronavirus, and societies should follow the health protocols.


“I hope this pandemic will be over soon and the life will be back to its normal way”, she ended.