Finding a Space to Grow

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Finding a Space to Grow

I feel grateful and lucky enough to be one of the international student of Universitas Syiah Kuala. I am privileged specifically as one of those who availed the scholarship program. From there, I can start attaining the highest goal of my existence with more prosperity and success. 


Studying at Universitas Syiah Kuala is pleasant and convenient. The university provides proper facilities that are beneficial for students and teachers. It results a satisfactory teaching and learning experience. The new modern equipment’s such as; projectors, computers, air-conditioners, and other technology devices that have installed at the University helps facilitates the teaching and learning process effectively. I can study comfortably. Though the system of education here is a bit unique and challenging; however, the lecturers, friends, and the people here are so accommodating. They give me support and motivation so I can find new hope. 


Honestly, the region of Aceh and its environment are the reasons why I made up my mind to study at Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia. Moreover, the implementation of Shariah Law is what I like the most. The people of Aceh follow the rules and practices of Islam properly. Due to this, it makes the Acehnese people friendly and hospitable. I found it easier to adapt here and I even considered it as my new home.  

Pertaining the cultures of Acehnese, it is peculiar and I appreciate it (You need to put a sentence Miss to make it complete.) I enjoy to stay in Aceh because I acquired a new language which is Bahasa Indonesia through the Darmasiswa Program for one year. During that time, I got a chance to be exposed to many Acehnese culture and visited to various tourism and historical destinations. I was able to try some traditional foods like Pliek U, Timphan, Mie Aceh, Sate Matang, and many more. I also went to several places like Geurutee Mountain, Sabang Island, Lampuuk Beach, and others. Currently, I have been learning a new, and a one of a kind language, the Aceh language which is the local language. Teurimong Geunaseh!