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Found in June 1960, Syiah Kuala University (UNSYIAH) is a comprehensive, state-owned with undergraduate and graduate degree programs that focus on implementable researches for the benefit of its students and society. The university produces more than 30,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in four consecutive commencements ceremonies annually. Syiah Kuala University offers leading undergraduate, graduate as well as professional degree programs in Economics, Veterinary Science, Teacher Training and Education, Engineering, Law, Agriculture, Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Social and Political Sciences, Nursing, Dentistry, Fisheries and Marine Science, Postgraduate Program. All units have sub-programs that consistently ranked among the Indonesia’s top thirty accredited national universities. The university is home of several internationally collaborated researched centers: Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies and International Center on Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies. The university also has other centers that provide direct services to its students and community, they are: Community Service Center, University Laboratory School, English Language Center and Center for Teaching Practice & Industrial Attachment that have links internationally for exchange programs, bilaterally and reciprocally. This university is a member of BKS-PTN, a collaborative association of Western Indonesian Universities Association of Sumatera and Kalimantan, a member of Uninet of IMT-GT and a member of the Consortium of Asia-Pacific Education Universities (CAPEU). Located in between the Banda Aceh Municipality and Aceh Besar District, UNSYIAH is a home for more than 35.000 students. These students come from various districts and provinces in Aceh in Indonesia and overseas. It is supported by 1526 academic and 1029 administrative staffs (as January 2016) who are knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and up-to-date information with the latest developments on the programs offered by the university. Name of The University Syiah Kuala is the name of a very famous scholar from Aceh that provides legal advises on domestic and international trade laws, religious and customary laws and fatwas to the sultans and the peoples of Aceh from 1590’s to the late 1690’s. He was also well known for his expertise on traditional and herbal medicines, geography, history, philosophy, tafsir, hadist and Arabic linguistics. In his young ages, he spent most his time to fight for the rights of any people suffering from unfair and unjustifiable court decisions. “Syiah” means “syech” or expert and “Kuala” refers to a small gulf located nearby Bandar Aceh (about 8 km from the city center) where his school was initially built prior to his appointment from the Sultan to lead the Jami’atul (University) Baiturrachman, the highest learning institution in Aceh located behind the famous Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. The grand mosque and the university were totally burned down by the Dutch Colonial Government in their first attack to the Sultanate in April 1873. At the same time, he was also the Grand Mufti for the Sultanate and for the High Court of Aceh. The word Syiah does not refer to any tenets of belief among the Muslim in the world. To honor his excellent services to the peoples, this university is named after him. His real name is Teungku Syech Abdul Rauf As-Singkili, originally from Singkil District in Southern Coastal lines of Aceh.