Biology Education » Facilities

Main Facilities and infrastructure:

  1. Lecture hall, with the smallest capacity (30-40 students) up to the largest one (50 – 70 students).
  2. Laboratory of Biology Education Department equipped with Lab equipment, research and analysis; located at the second floor of main building of FKIP that able to accommodate 50 students in one lab session.
  3. Comfortable table and chairs desks, blackboards and other learning aids media such as projector, OHP, and computers.
  4. Main University Library. The library provides a collection of text books, reference books, magazines, journals, and    others. The Biology Education Department of FKIP Unsyiah has a collection of hundreds of books and journals. Students and faculty members can access the library which is managed by the faculty and university.
  5. Photocopy Centers are available on campus
  6. Prayer rooms