Biology Education » Introduction


Students of Biology Education Department FKIP Unsyiah who are joining SBI-class program are willing to testify their feel-ings and expression during enrolment in the department. There are valuable experiences they fell, particularly when they are required to speak in English for their daily academ-ic activities.

FKIP had been through many changes as institution. In 1961, FKIP changed to be IKIP Bandung Banda Aceh branch and independent from Syiah Kuala Universi-ty. IKIP has four faculties that are: fac-ulty of education science, faculty of so-cial science education, faculty of exacta science (ilmu eksakta- ind.) and faculty of art and literature.Furthermore, IKIP Bandung Banda Aceh branch change to be to be two faculties: FIP (Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan) or Faculty of Education Science and FKg (Faculty of Teacher Education). In 1984, FIP and FKg were intergrated to be one faculty named FKIP or Faculty of Teacher Tran-ing and Education with 4 departments. The departments are: department of education science, department of lan-guage and art, department of mathe-matics and natural science and depart-ment of education and social science.