Chemistry Education » Introduction


The Chemistry Education Department of The Faculty of Teacher Ttraining and Education at Unsyiah was established in 1984. The development of the department was initiated by the late Mr.Muhammad Saidi, S. H with helped from a few lecturers  from the Mathematics, Physics, and Biology Departments, from the faculties of Agriculture and Engineering, and three lecturers graduate from IKIP Bandung (now UPI).

During its first running year, the Department of Chemistry admitted high school graduates and D3 graduates. In 1987 the Department delivered two graduates with D3 background. The effort to improve the quality and quantity of human resource has been carried out under the leadership of the late Erwin Nurdin who made a breakthrough movement by sending 5 high performing students to study at IKIP Bandung to be prepared as lecturers. He also encouraged lecturers at the Department to pursue Masters and Doctoral Degree.