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Globalization era demands a strong competitive ability in every sector. The quality of human resources is the key to the ability to compete since it will determine who are capable to preserve human existence, improvement and success in the competition. For that reason, Mathematic Teaching Department of Teacher Training Faculty (FKIP) of Syiah Kuala University is challenged to prepare quality teachers who are ready to enter the globalization era and possess several competences: pedagogic, professionalism, personality and social. In addition, it is expected that the teachers are proficient to teach in International Standard School (SBI) in Junior High School and High School, and are capable to pursue their postgraduate (master and doctor) abroad.

FKIP Unsyiahbuilt the Development Program of International Standard Teacher Training (PGBI) in science (PG-MIPA-BI) in 2010 through grant given by the government (DitjenDikti-Depdiknas or National Education Department) from APBN (National Budget). The program aims to develop international standard science teachers for undergraduate level. It is expected that this program can contribute in providing quality science teachers for the development of education.

Through this program, Mathematics Teaching Department opened one International Standard Teacher Training (PGBI) class in 2010, which aims to produce mathematics teachers who are competent to teach in International Standard Schools (SBI) and are proficient to pursue their postgraduate abroad. In the first year of this program, Mathematics Department recruited and selected 23 students from year 2008/2009. In 2011, one more class was opened, and 15 students and 29 students were recruited and selected from year 2009/2010 and year 2010/2011, respectively. It is hoped that in 2012, the RSBI students will be selected in their first semester at university.