ITS Shares How to Become A Global Volunteer

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ITS Shares How to Become A Global Volunteer

To set up a solid and competent team of volunteers, OIA (Office of International Affairs of the Syiah Kuala University) took the initiative to organize an global workshop to train students to become volunteers of the university in collaboration with the ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember), held on February 22, 23, 2020, at the Gelanggang building, Universitas Syiah Kuala.

The event hosted three ITS speakers, who are ITS volunteers, those are Bahalwan Apriansyah, S.T., MBA, Lecturer of Business Management and a former volunteer, Faris Rafi Meitaputra, Volunteer Coordinator for Internationalization and Development Division, and Alfathan Ario Putro, Volunteer of Hospitality Division.

Dr Mailizar S.Pd., M.Ed., the OIA Coordinator, after a word of welcome and after wishing the delegations a pleasant stay in Aceh, expressed his wish to see the students acquire new knowledge thanks to these workshops.

“We would like to thank the OIA for the opportunity to speak at this event, and we hope that Universitas Syiah Kuala and ITS will be able to work together again in the future,” said Bahalwan Apriansyah, ST, MBA.

In two days, the three speakers presented the basic concepts of volunteering, strategies to increase the university level, the management of university volunteering and several global programs organized by ITS. In addition, the speakers invited the audience to discuss and organize in groups international plans or programs that can be organized by the university to increase and reach the international level.

Recently, the OIA formed a team of OIA volunteers called OIA Global Student whose members are students enrolled at Syiah Kuala University. The team of volunteers is intended to assist the OIA in the management of certain international affairs.

Rachmat Fazil Isda, the Head of OIA Global Student, on his welcoming speech said “Let’s be a volunteer with heart and don’t take English as an obstacle but just learn it.”

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