Palestinians Study in Unsyiah to Open a Business in Palestine

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Palestinians Study in Unsyiah to Open a Business in Palestine

Under the collaboration between Universitas Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah) and PIFA (Palestinian Indonesia Friendship Association), Unsyiah welcomed three interns from Palestine to study at Faculty of Teacher Training Program, Major of Family Welfare Vocational Education, for one semester starts on March 2020.  

A welcome reception was organized for the interns at the Faculty Laboratory, and they were welcomed warmly by Dr. Hasan, Vice Dean of Education and Teacher Training Faculty, and Yuli Herma Hamid, S.Pd., M.Si., the Head of Major, on 9 March 2020.

The welcoming event was officially opened by Dr. Hasan with traditional and unique ways, which is by holding Aceh traditional ceremony (Peusijuk) and closed by praying. Then the three interns were guided and introduced about faculty and the major, as well as activities and study programs that they will take at the campus.

Moreover, the three interns are alumni from the higher institution of Palestine, namely are Mahmoud Abu Arqoub, from Palestine Polytechnic University, Imad Kafesha, from Deir Allatin Higher Institution, and Khaled Zahde, from Saib Alnazir Higher Institution.

Mahmoud, who is as one alumni of Darmasiswa Program at Unsyiah academic year 2017/2018, said “We are glad and appreciate all from Unsyiah who already support and welcome us, so that we can study at Unsyiah, Indonesia, now. This is our great opportunity, and we will utilize it and learn well”.

“After finish this internship program at Unsyiah, Aceh, Indonesia, we plan to open a business, Indonesian Restaurant, in Palestine, so people will know and taste Indonesia cuisines, especially Aceh, that is why we want to learn more here at Unsyiah about foods”, added by Khaled Zahdeh, who is also known as a Chef at one Restaurant in Palestine.

Dr. Muzailin Affan, M.Sc, the Chairman of Office of International Affairs (OIA) of Unsyiah, also welcomed the interns from Palestine. He highloghted that it is a great opportunity for both countries to expand the collaboration between Indonesia and Palestine, and he hoped in the future Unsyiah can obtain a cooperation agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with universities from Palestine.

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