Save the Earth through Oceanography

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6 participants from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, 4 participants from Thailand, Fatoni University, and 5 participants from Syiah Kuala University registered in the Summer Camp that is organized by Faculty of Marine and Fisheries in collaboration with Office of International Affairs of Syiah Kuala University. The program with theme Oceanography scheduled on 30th July – 3rd August 2019.
Prof. Dr. Muchlisin, Z.A., M.Sc, the Dean of the faculty said “We welcome you all to our university. This is the first initiative, initiated by the faculty to coordinate the Summer Camp Program entitled Oceanography. All committees have arranged the program perfectly so I hope we can make this program successful and follow it up for the next year. And please enjoy your time in Banda Aceh and Syiah Kuala University”.
“The reason for us to organize this summer camp is we are recently facing a lot of plastic pollution affecting our ocean. So, to solve the problem together, we invite you to join the program. In fact, during the program, as a simple and easy step to save our earth, we will provide you a lunch box and tumbler for meals time, so we will do not use plastics things”, said by Sri Agustina, S.Si., M.S., the chairwoman of the Summer Camp Program.
For one week, the Summer Camp program has several activities that will boost all participants mind about the ocean. Three classes will be taught by experts from its field; Coral Reef, Impact of Plastic Pollution on Marine Ecosystem, and Mangrove as a coastal protector.
Outside of the class, the participant will have a deep understanding and great opportunity to visit ocean sites around Banda Aceh and Greater Aceh through certain activities such as identifying Ray and Shark in Lampulo, observing traditional fishing method (Tarek Pukat) and oyster aquaculture and its process in Alue Naga, Skin-diving in Ujong Pancu Beach, and planting mangrove and getting know sea salt process in Neuhen.

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