Student Voices on Study at Syiah Kuala University Kenya Filberto

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Filiberto Kenya

We spoke to Filiberto Mayiani, an international student at Syiah Kuala University who now is undertaking a Bachelor Program in International Management. Let’s check his story out below.

“Being a Journalist I definitely knew more about Indonesia and the Asian countries at large but didn’t know about the Institution. I traveled to deferent Africa and South American countries for the past 4 year on work related matters and it never crossed my mind that I will find myself advancing my studies in Indonesia.

I knew the Institution and the scholarship through my brother who resides in the United States and so I began concentrating in searching as much information about the institution and Aceh as much as I can.

Being a person who relishes the opportunity of unfamiliar but exciting new experiences, and resolutely/fearlessly ventures to pursue them, I went ahead to apply the scholarship which was a success and as they say life is an open book full blank pages, Syiah Kuala University will be one of those great stories that one would always share.

Syiah Kuala is the place where you can find all types of resources and information that will help you learn and grow outside of the class room: through student activities or volunteering opportunities at Syiah Kuala University, you will constantly be challenged to think outside of your normal boundaries and dared to step outside of your comfort zones.

I love a multicultural environment and Aceh have been able to provide me with. I have fallen in love with Aceh, the lifestyle and the people. Syiah Kuala University and Aceh is and will always remain my home away from home. I place where I always felt comfortable, could always find a willing ear to listen and a little motivation to keep up with everything at school.

It is important to recognize OIA Office at Syiah Kuala University. Everyone at the OIA has a heart for students, and they have the knowledge and institutional memory to help me navigate the system to accomplish my goals.

Syiah Kuala is a place where the leaders of tomorrow are being made”.