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Nour Palestine

Syiah Kuala University currently is home to a great number of international students from a wider range of countries including Gambia, Senegal, Philippine, Palestine, Yemen, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Thailand for academic year 2019/2020. The official orientation day was conducted on October 6th 2019, where all students signed contract document at Balai Senat of Syiah Kuala University.

Office of International Affairs interviewed two students from Palestine, Nour Tawfiq AlHaj, who is currently studying at Magister Program of Disaster Science, and from Kenya, Filiberto Mayiani, who is undertaking a Bachelor Program in International Management at Syiah Kuala University, and have been in Aceh for 4 months.

Nour Tawfiq AlHaj shared about her study life at Syiah Kuala University and her experiences in Aceh.


Did you hear about Syiah kuala University before? 

“I knew about Aceh because my mother had ever stayed here but I didn’t know about Syiah

Kuala University”


How did you know Syiah Kuala University? 

“My brother’s friend works at Syiah Kuala University, he shared scholarship information to my

Brother who asked if wanted to join the institution “


Why did you choose Syiah Kuala University?

“I already knew that Indonesia has the best university in Asia and being a person who wants

Quality of education, I chose Syiah Kuala University as my university of choice”.


What impression do you have about the University and Aceh environment? 

Class; “At first it was a bit challenging due to language barrier, it was a little bit hard to have a conversation with my classmates since majority of them were locals and couldn’t communicate in English. Things have changed when the lectures started teaching in English”.


Environment; “Still challenging to communicate with the locals due Language barrier but improving by attending Bahasa classes, the weather is bit different from where I come from but I am adapting to it slowly”.


Food; “I never eat Aceh food because it’s too spicy, I prepare my food by myself”.


Culture; “There is no big difference because majority are Muslims like me making it easy to leave here”.


What is your experience so far; “Having a good time here in Aceh, meeting new people, learning about their rich culture”.


Give one word or 3 words for Aceh;

“I Love nature, and Aceh is a corner of nature”


What is your word for those who want to join Syiah Kuala University?

“For those who are looking for Quality of education and experience, Syiah Kuala is the place to be”.