Summer Courses “Perspectives on Communication and Culture in Taiwan”

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College of Communications, NCCU Summer Courses “Perspectives on Communication and Culture in Taiwan”

5th – 12th Aug 2019

Whether you’re a Taipei-based foreign student staying here over the summer or you’re visiting Taipei from another country for an immersive experience, the College of Communications in National Chengchi University (NCCU) is ready to provide both undergraduate and grad-school students the opportunities to obtain unique insights about local culture and to deeply communicate with local students. 

Our summer course plan, “Perspectives on Communication and Culture in Taiwan”, includes 2 courses, “Popular Culture in Taiwan” and “Asian Communication Research Issues”. These two six-day, on-campus courses are topic-oriented lectures conducted by English. The benefits you’ll enjoy during our summer courses include:

Both Courses are tuition-free, while a NT$7,800 subsidy is provided in cash for your accommodation or your living cost (NT$1,300 per day, 6 days in total). 
** Please note that we do NOT cover your international transportation fee.

Each course is limited to 10-15 students each to keep class sizes small, allowing for open and dynamic discussion, peer study groups and in-class presentations with local students. Another benefit to small class sizes is personal interaction with lecturers. As one of the most prestigious institutions of the education of communication in Taiwan even East Asia, our faculty members are highly-reputed scholars with various professions in contemporary communication issues. Throughout the courses, participants can consult with and learn from these faculty members in a small-group format that lets them dig deep into a subject and build valuable expertise.

In order to deepen the understanding of in-class topics and broaden local experience, a field trip on the weekend will be arranged for the participants. The insurance and the transportation fee of the field trip are covered.

So, what are you waiting for?
Join us for Summer atthe College of Communication, NCCU!

Details about the courses  
Course 1: Popular Culture in Taiwan (1 credit), covering topics such as “Taiwan Cinema Studies”, “Taiwanese Popular Music and National Identity”, etc.
Course 2: Asian Communication Research Issues (1 credit), covering topics such as “Digital Games and Society”, “Cross-Culture Communication”, “Social Media and Marketing”, etc.

◆  From 5th to 12th Aug 2019 (6 days in total, weekend excluded)

◆  18 hours per credit (3 hours a day)

◆  The course hours of these 2 courses won’t overlap, therefore attending both courses is possible and allowed

How to register  

◆ Online registration link:

◆  The registration is open till 25th July 2019

Who can register  
To join the course, you must:

◆ Be at least 18 years old

◆ Be a registered student in any colleges except NCCU

◆ Complete at least 2yearsof college or be a third-year studentIf you wish to contact us, feel free to email it to

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