Syiah Kuala University Lecturer Becomes Visiting Scholar in America

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Syiah Kuala University must be proud to have a lecturer like Ms. Sri Agustina who teaches Marine Chemistry course at the Marine Sciences Department at the university. This is because of her participation as a visiting scholar at the Oberlin College, Ohio, United States (US) since February 2019. It is a semester-long program, named “Oberlin Shansi Visiting Scholar”, is fully funded by Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association in collaboration with Syiah Kuala University since 2007.

She is currently lecturing The Principle of Chemistry, Chemicals in Human Health, and the Basic Chinese courses at Oberlin College. She said that through the program, she has the opportunity to contribute and improve the learning process carried out at Oberlin College.

For the past two months, she has been experiencing new things from the College and the most interesting one is the Office Hours. It is to spend extra hours outside the classroom to do activities together between lecturers and the students. Furthermore, she discovered a program called Teaching Assistantship where lecturers’ assistants help students inside or outside the classroom to understand their courses better. She was also introduced to Oberlin Blackboard online platform is similar to e-learning in Syiah Kuala University but the appearance of the blackboard is more interactive. Moreover, she discovered that they have Experimental College or simply called as ExCo which is a specialization class that is managed, designed and taught by students for credit hours.

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