Syiah Kuala University Students go to Malaysia & Thailand

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33 students of Syiah Kuala University will conduct an International Community Service Program or also known as KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) in Malaysia and Thailand. For Malaysia, 20 students will be assigned their duty on July 7th – 30th, 2019, in three different areas in Malacca; Bukit Bayam, Ayer Molek, and Tanjung Bidara. While for Thailand, 13 students will start their program on August 20th – 10th September 2019, in Pattani.

“You all are ambassadors of Syiah Kuala University and Aceh, Indonesia. You will introduce Aceh and our university in various views; especially cultures, religion, and social life of Indonesia communities. We are proud and trust you to be the representatives of this global program. We believe that you are able to adapt to the new communities and environments and can give contribution to societies abroad. Moreover, you should take this chance to improve your understanding, knowledge, and awareness about social and environmental justice issues”, said by Dr. Muzailin Affan, the chairman of Office of International Affairs in the student release event, July 5th, 2019, at Balai Senat, Syiah Kuala University.

In addition, the program for this year is slightly different from the last year program because the KKN program successfully added a new target country which is Thailand. For the future, there might be a possibility to invite other countries to collaborate with, not only ASEAN countries, but also non-ASEAN countries.

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