Syiah Kuala University Welcomed Darmasiswa Participants

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Syiah Kuala University welcomed four participants in Darmasiswa Program for Academic Year 2019/2020. After the the orientation ceremony in Jakarta, August 27, four international students were welcomed by Dr. Hizir Sofyan, the vice rector for planning and relations of UNSYIAH, on September 6th, 2019.

Through the Darmasiswa program, the participants learn Bahasa Indonesia and its cultures in Syiah Kuala University which the classes are led by Language Instructors within one year. They are not only attending the classes from Monday to Friday, but also experience the Saturday class where they can feel the real cultures of Acehnese through field trip, as a part of Darmasiswa program. They can interact with local people, discovering historical stories of Aceh and Tsunami, and taste kinds of traditional foods through the weekend cooking class.
Participants and their countries of origin are: Mohammad M. Abuat from Philippines, Jumana Yacob Mahmood Sobeih from Palestine, Frederico Dos S. Silva from Timor Leste, and Muayad A. M. Abujaid from Palestine.

The participants have been living in Banda Aceh for almost 3 months and they have participated in many activities of Syiah Kuala University such as International Food Festival that was held on September 17-19, 2019. Through this event they presented their own traditional food for visitors and interracted with local people, since the purpose of the event itself are to promote cultures and strengthen the relations among foreign students, Syiah Kuala University students and population.

Below is one story from one participant of the program about his living in Banda Aceh.
“The first impression for me after arrive in Banda Aceh is Welcoming”, said by Mohammad M. Abuat, participant from Philippines.

“At first I felt nervous to participating in learning Bahasa Indonesia in Syiah Kuala University but when I met the course instructors, I felt overwhelm because they are excellent and make me understand what to learn because I am a Filipino and Bahasa Indonesia and Aceh culture are new for me. Also, the interesting is, I have a Saturday class where I can apply knowledge of Bahasa in the field or practicing”, he added.

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